You can’t eat atmosphere, but you can eat the food


9316 Fourth Avenue

Brooklyn, NY


An upscale dinner that had existed on this site died, but this did not deter the owners of Fushimi. Fushimi is an upscale Asian Fusion restaurant and lounge decorated in the style of a hip Japanese disco with a branch in Staten Island. There is a Sushi Bar, a liquor bar, seductive dimly lit bathrooms and even a water lily tank in the floor.


Personally I found the décor over the top and done with less taste than their annoying website. Will some tell the web designer that thin knockout type on a dark background is simply illegible? There us a tiny barely useable parking lot guaranteed to generate lot of parking lot scraps and arguments.


I went for the $15 dollar luncheon and I was very impressed. There was a choice of Miso or Lemongrass w/seafood soup for starters. The appetizer list was mostly sushi, a calamari dish, edamane, shrimp shumai and gyoza. The edamane was cold, the calamari was nicely plated and well done but the portion was very small. However the Sushi was first rate and the spicy tuna was flavorful without burning your mouth,


The main lunch course had a surprising number of choices. The sesame chicken, sliced beef steak in a mushroom sauce, and scallops were stand outs. The scallops fresh and well seasoned, the chicken crisp and not dried out and the beef, the best I tasted in Brooklyn. Alas, the rice was cold.


While the portions were not big and the atmosphere a little over bearing, I am looking forward to dinner at Fushimi’s. While, the economy is not conducive to upscale restaurants in the boroughs, but if I had to bet on a survivor my vote is with Fushimi


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