A Romantic Italian Restaurant

Grotta Azzurra

177 Mulberry Street



Times are tough, especially in the restaurant business.  Saturday night in Little Italy and there were many empty tables. Grotta Azzurra was doing only slightly better than some other restaurants on Mulberry Street. And the reason is SERVICE.

The most frustrating thing is to try to contact your waiter when the restaurant is empty and your waiter is talking to other waiters, but not at Grotta Azzurra. Our waiter was attentive and when he didn’t know the answer, he got back to us immediately. The plates came out on time and in good order and in a romantic restaurant that is important.

The décor of Grotta Azzurra is simple and classic, dark wood and white tiles, you are immediately transported a classic Italian restaurant, large displays of famous Italian sculptures dominate the dining room.

The menu is large at Grotta Azzurra and the portions are even larger. The Calamari was tender and not greasy, the salad had plenty of Radicchio, and the Filletto di Pompadori, homemade parpadelle with tomato sauce, cheese, pancetta and onions was immense and superb.

Grilled Vegetables were nicely done and the Shrimp Oreganata was just so. Alas, the Veal in my Saltimbocca was tough; the sauce was the same as the di Pompadori and while good this is a big no, no.

The decaf cappuccino and the decaf espresso to die for. Dessert was a blueberry cake with real blueberries and ice cream, Yum!

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