Lalezar Turkish Restaurant- Don’t bother turning on the lights

My group of friends decided to go to Lalezar for lunch. Two of us arrived early, and we told the restaurant that other were coming, we were told to take a seat in a darkened dining area. When we were approached by a waiter, we asked that the lights be turned on and that bread and water be brought to us. I was rather aghast when the response was –we will when the others come!?! I should have walked out then, but my friends were meeting us there. My friends arrived so did the lights, water and bread.

When the lights turned on I noticed that the dining room was dingy. Lalezar had none of the delightful flat Turkish bread, but did give us a stingy amount of dry Pita.

Not a good start.

The lunch menu, a folded plain paper copy, had no lunch specials! It did have a catering menu. When we tried to order the catering menu, we were told it is not available in the restaurant. The a la carte menu was not cheap, but we were hungry. We ordered one large salad for the table and one small size main per person and the bill came to $15/per person. My lamb was greasy and the Feta was dry and yellowy.

Maybe Lalezar should keep the lights off.

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