Eating Cheap on Avenue U Brooklyn, NY

La Villita

1249 Avenue U

Brooklyn, NY

718 998 0222

If you want a cheap, but interesting family meal Avenue U is definitely the place to go. There are a half dozen Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, but one Mexican Restaurant La Villita.

This small Formica table place has maybe a couple of dozen seats, but what it does have is good inexpensive food.

The Guacamole is a fresh yellow green and creamy (Guacamole turns brown almost immediately) and the Salsa fresca is a winner. Warning the regular salsa can be spicy.

I had the Mole Poblano, usually made with Turkey, but this time chicken fillets were used. Mole Poblano, a dark savory sauce is made with bitter chocolate, and should be easy to take down, but have an after burn. The sauce was thin, but tasty. A salad was included all for $ 11. The enchiladas and burritos were also good and approximately the same price

The waitress friendly and is constantly at attention. Avenue U has plenty of meters so parking is not usually a problem

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