Fino’s Wall Street

Fino’s Wall Street is mis-named, it should be Find if you can, Not on Wall Street. Look for this subterranean pricey restaurant off the corner (or maybe that should be under the corner) of Beaver and Pearl.

The décor of Fino’s reminds you of a 1940’s gangster movie, there is even a private platform where the shoot out can occur. We went on Friday night and discovered that we were the only patrons with a wait staff of about twenty.

Because we were a group of four we were able to sample a fairly wide range of their offerings. Fino’s is not an Italian restaurant from any particular section of Italy, unless you consider Jersey City a section of Rome.

The Papardelle con Funghi was very good, but the Lobster stuffed Ravioli came with a zesty tomato sauce and seafood stuffed Ravioli should always had a creamy white sauce. The Cesar Salad had almost no dressing, but the shrimp, chicken and Veal dishes were first rate. The cold antipasti plate was very good and lots of variety, but almost superfluous, because the table service includes a large plate of olives, salami, peppers and large chunks of Parmesan.

Dinner for four with appetizer, pasta, main course and dessert will run about $ 220

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