After five on Cortelyou Road

Spring has at long last come to Cortelyou Road and Ditmas Park. The first warm weekend day saw couples and family promenading down the stately street of Ditmas Park. The Daffodils were admired and critical comments made as to color combinations on the never ending variety of Victorian homes. A discreet photo of someone’s garden, a child admonished about walking on the grass and a smile, when a mention was made of the upcoming Arbor Day Ditmas Park Tree Tour 4/25 ( ).


Little did we know the real spring happening was going to occur that night? We had heard that a 773 Coney Island Avenue a formerly disreputable Irish bar (see a down and dirty bar cleans up its act… 4/22) was having a benefit for CAMBA ( featuring the Blue Law Jazz Group with guest appearance by Candice Hamilton.


Walking down Cortelyou, we were amazed. There was music, restaurants and people everywhere. The Old Cornerstone Bar now call SOLO had a wonderful jazz group. San Remo had an excellent guitar player and was filled to capacity (who knew? Brooklynian 4/19). The Farm at Adderley had people waiting outside on benches. The reopened Vox Pop had Jazz Group and a S.R.O. crowd. The people, who failed to make reservations, did find some consolation at the newly opened Mimi’s hummus ( the Sycamore (, which had a Bar B Que and at Visions (A vision of Cortelyou. Brooklynian, Brooklyn Eats 12/18).


After so many distractions, we almost didn’t make it to 773 Coney Island Avenue, a Bar Lounge. But it was worth the walk  Joel Siegel, our neighborhood association president, was the lead guitar and his Blue Law Group were in top form, their medleys and singles consistently brought standing ovations. When Candice Hamilton got up to sing we knew we were in the presence of Jazz royalty. Animated and great voice she was well worth the cover. Her last song literally caused dancing in the aisles.


As the midnight hour approached, us Cinderella Baby Boomers headed home only to meet by our children and our neighbors offspring coming to Cortelyou Road.

 for more see



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