Mimi’s Hummus is delightful

Mimis Hummus
1209 Cortelyou Rd
(between Westminster Rd & Argyle Rd)
Brooklyn, NY 11218
(718) 284-4444
There is somethimg delightful about Mimis Hummus. Although the food is good and there is enough variety among the middle eastern dishes for a vegetarian or a carnivore, There is something intangible, that shines through.
The tangibles ( food)  are good and inexpensive with main courses for under $ 15 and lots of salads and sides that can be upgraded to mains. Some of the combination salads are definitely worth tryiog for example I had a salad plate of roasted beets, white beans and hummus, which could have beeen a meal by itself 
It could be the intangibles (ambiance, helpful, friendly young ladfies eager to help or the new wave, music background, some of it original works), but there still something more
In retrospect it was the combination of the food, ambiance and service — that delightful balance and good karma, It rare when it come together, but when it does it can make your whole evening.
Try Mimi’s and see if you can feel the specialness of the place
for more see www.ditmasestates.com

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