Maybe you can taste the atmosphere

Mendy’s Kosher Deli

61 east 34 street

New York, NY


212 576 1010


I haven’t been to Mendy’s on 34 Street in a while. They have redecorated and updated and the results were interesting.


The food is still very good, if anything better. There is now a salad bar and the front counter still makes sandwiches that must be handled with two hands. They still have the best kosher deli especially corned beef in town. It is lean without being dry and crumbly. The only complaint was the kasha knishes had mashed potatoes mixed with the kasha. The potato makes them easier to eat, but dilutes the special gritty taste of the kasha


But something is gone and I can’t quite put my finger on it. If pushed, I would say it’s the heimshe or home style feeling. Gone are the male waiters, who had an opinion on everything. Instead young orthodox women, extremely modestly dressed, covered from ankle to neckline, whom seem to be afraid to talk to you, are the new wait staff. Perhaps, it’s the general trend in orthodox Jewish circles to become stricter and even more observant. This holier than thou attitude has replaced warmth with elitism and narrow mindedness.


I know you can’t eat atmosphere, but a smile does aid the digestion


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