Forget the Spelling, Eat the Food

New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe
65 Bayard Street
New York, NY 10013

 212 566 4884

Luckily their cooking is a lot better than there spelling.

 New Yeah has the run of now ordinary Chinese food, but its specials are really special.

Shanghai is famous for its soup dumplings. These are steamed dumplings the have soup sealed in them, an experience in eating itself.

 Chrysanthemum Fish, $ 16, a chef ‘s special, a filet of fish scored then deep fried, the white flesh blooms and the skin shrinks producing an entry, that looks very much like a flower. Another specialty is a whole pork shoulder, $14,  in honey sauce, which is the classic Chinese answer to BBQ pulled pork in a sweet sauce, definitely worth trying.

 What your parents never told you to eat you Seaweed? Seasoned seaweed steamed and tossed with sesame oil and seasonings, is much better than Popeye’s spinach and probably more nutritious.

 Can’t make it to Shanghai, try New Yeah, forget the spelling eat the food.

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