Some restaurants are failures; some are standouts, La Piazzetta is neither.

La Piazzetta

442 Graham Avenue

Brooklyn, NY

718 349 1627

Some restaurants are failures; some are standouts, La Piazzetta is neither.

Located in hot Williamsburg, the décor is surprisingly nice considering they either converted an old garage or roofed the space, between two buildings. The music is too loud making it hard to communicate with the staff. The same can be said about their website, where you can not turn the music off. 

An appetizer, Panccheri vai e Vieni, tiny meatballs with Penne pasta, was very nice and rather rich, which portended good things to come. Unfortunately, the rest was mediocre.

I had pork lion with figs, at the Lady and the Fig in Napa and it was spectacular. Here the pork was cooked properly, but there was little taste of figs. Maybe the used dried rather than fresh figs. This was served with “puréed parsnip mash” mostly mashed potatoes.

The Osso Bocco was better, but the truffle risotto had no truffle taste. 

Alas, I was hoping for a great selection of wonderful Italian desserts and the La Piazzetta selection was extremely limited. I assumed they do not make their own desserts, but a little more selection would be better.

La Piazzetta is a good value and two can eat easily for less than $100 and there is fairly easy street parking.

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