Not A Quack

Black Duck

122 east 28 street

New York, NY

212 204 5240

The Black Duck was the best rum running ship of its time and the Black Duck restaurant does its best to live up to its name sakes reputation. It comes close.

We started with the Lump Crab Cakes, which unlike most restaurants really contained lump crab meat. The Calamari, another appetizer was thoroughly cooked, but not yet tough and indication of good things to come.

It signature dish, Crispy Duck Breast, is crispy at the same time the meat is still medium rare without being fatty, a real trick. The duck was served on pureed parsnip with and apple pomegranate reduction, yum!

Getting fresh Halibut in NYC is almost impossible, but the Black Duck’s halibut was so good it had to fresh not frozen. Do they have a friend in Vancouver?

While, the portions were not large, the atmosphere was perfect. An impressive date place and with the Park East Hotel next door, well who knows…

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