Mon Dieu….everyone is a chef

Saint Germain
8303 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209

718 745 8899 

Brooklyn needs a good French bistro, but Saint Germain is not it.

The look of Saint Germain is really inviting and the single waiter available was helpful and friendly. The problem with Saint Germain is the food, the portions are large and the items pricey, but there are some basic skills missing.

I love Ratatouille, the flavors of the distinct individual summer vegetables is a true bounty. Saint Germans’ Ratatouille was a mash of indistinct vegetables and insipidly flavored. If I want that I would have ordered a “V-8” drink. The ravioli had so much sauce on it; it came out as a soup. The same is true for the flank steak. BTW medium to well does not mean a blood red center.

Oh well, and I really love French bistros, but not this one

Dinner for four without wine was $ 190 

for more see

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