Ess, Mein Kind

Mill Basin Kosher Deli
5823 Avenue T.
Brooklyn NY 11234


Kosher deli’s are almost an endangered species, basically because they have gotten a bad rap— All that salt and fat…oy

While still a carnivores delight the Mill Basin Kosher Deli has gone to the next step. Yes, you can still get a great Pastrami sandwich or a stuffed derma. Now there are salads, soups and other healthier items.

Me, I am a traditionalist, for lunch I had the split pea soup, in a bowl almost big enough to do laps in, and half of Pastrami on rye for $ 8.99. There was Cole slaw, health salad, macaroni salad, half and full dill pickles, dark bread and of course, seltzer on the table gratis.

While kosher delis are no longer cheap, who can put a price on reliving a memmory.

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