Good food, Bad waiter

1354 First Avenue
New York, NY

 I have been to other of Nino’s restaurants and it is a pleasure to say that the First Avenue branch lives up to their high standards.

 The piano player was excellent and everyone must try Nino’s osso boco or their branzino grille. If this is finished with a double expresso and a slice of chocolate mousse cake, then you have indeed had a very fine meal

Unfortunately, we managed to get a waiter who was not up to snuff. We should have realized something was amiss, when he confused or forgot the specials of the night. While other waiters mixed the cesaer salad in front of patrons, he brought out ready made plates. Our waiter was AWOL during our very nice meal, (luckily there were attentive bus boys), but he did managed to fill in a very nice fat tip for himself, when he presented our bill.

Dinner for four with an inexpensive bottle of wine is about $ 300 and well worth it, but get a different waiter.

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