Cooking is about Passion

Santorini Grill

167 Grand St# A
NY 11211-4294
(718) 388-3668

 I have never been to Santorini, but I understand it is a wonderful island. The Santorini Grill lives up to its name.

The dishes are simple, mostly grilled with some Mousaka and spinach pies thrown in, but done with a carefulness and passion that separates it from the crowd. The owners circulate and oversee the dinners and that is always a good sign. There was a singer with guitar, and very good, who just happened to be the father of our waitress and you had the feeling that the whole family had put their heart and soul into your dinner and that makes any dinner very special.

The baby lamb chops were slightly pink just the way I like them, the Santorini shrimp was served on a bed of pilaf with just enough spice to make in interesting. A bottle of Macedonian wine, hearty but not astringent and there was a smile on every ones face.

Dinner for four with wine, appetizer, dessert and tip was $ 150

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