Do you really want a for sale sign in front of your house?

 Almost every agent will tell you that a “for sale” sign brings in buyers, especially those just passing by.

 I wonder about this logic. I know the sign advertises and helps the agency, but does it help you?

 In has been my experience and I am sure for most other agents that most people buy houses spend some time thinking about where they want to live and do not buy a house just because they walked by the sign.

 Have you ever walked or driven by a block where there are several for sale signs posted? Certainly this does not help your bargaining position. Indeed in the buyers mind a question might be asked. “Why are all these people selling?” “Is there a problem, I do not know about?”

 Because of the economy, many houses are for sale a while and buyer’s often try to take advantage of this to offer less than you want. What happens to a sign that is up for a while? Well simply, it gets dirty or damaged. Can you think of a clearer way to say to the potential buyer? “These people are having trouble selling their house, let’s low ball them”.

 A sign can even be a serious danger. Occasionally criminals use a sign to find an empty house to break into. Also there have been several instances where a criminal rings the bell, inquires about the house then robs or injures the seller.

 In New York, a licensed broker is usually paid by the seller and owes his loyalty to the seller. As a sellers broker, you are often placed in a position of responsibility for the safety of the seller and of their property. Most agents take this responsibility very seriously. A good agent will want to know as much as he can about whom, especially if they are qualified, he is bringing into a property.

 I think signs are good for the agency, but not for the home owner.


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