In the presence of professionals-2

Padre Figlio
310 east 44 street

Going back to any restaurant including Padre Figlio, is really challenging. The restaurant is not only competing with other restaurants it is also competing with itself.

Padre Figlio is still that very professional and very good food place. The Maitre D’ has everything under control when you step in she/he knows whose a regular and who is a returnee.

This was to be a simple meal, just appetizer and main course, but even simple meals should be done well.

First the waiter knew his stuff and never missed a beat, reciting today’s specials and making sure you were taken care of.

Our appetizers: Fried Calamari and an Artichoke and Asparagus plate. It is very easy to over do Calamari and make it extremely tough and rubbery. Under cook it and you could make someone very sick. The same care was taken with the asparagus plate.

Main courses: A vodka al Penne and A steak and chicken Gambetta. Steak cooks best at a different temperature and time, than does a thick chicken breast. They can not be cooked together easily. Most cooks concentrate on the steak and the Chicken is very dry. However my steak was medium rare and the Chicken fully cooked, but still juicy. Yum

This simple meal for two with a glass of Chianti was $ 100.


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