Much cleaner, and still great food


984 Coney Island Ave,

Brooklyn NY11230

(718) 434-8088


Bahar has been renovated, and spruced up. It now sports an “A “ rating, but the food is still worth a visit. The service staff is also much improved.

The appetizers are the thing at Bahar. You can get kabobs almost anywhere, but Fesenjon, sweet and sour pieces of boneless chicken cooked with walnut and pomegranate juice,… I think not.  Other unusual appetizers: Mantu, a handmade steamed meat ravioli covered with yogurt and meat sauce. Or Bolani Kadu, my favorite, pumpkin filled samosas

For vegetarians there are several good spinach and eggplant dishes.

Our main course was Narieng Palow, an exotic rice dish cooked with orange peels, saffron, almonds and pistachios, served with charcoal grilled chunks of lamb kebab, yum!

Alcohol is not allowed, but I recommend the Mango Lassi drink.

Dinner for two less than fifty dollars


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