Tapas in Brooklyn

The Castello Plan

1213 Cortelyou Road
Brooklyn, NY 11218
(718) 856-8888

 This is not your typical restaurant, where you order and appetizer, entre and dessert and then gobble it down. Rather the Castello Plan is based on the Spanish idea of tapas or grazing, while taking your time with wine and good conversation. While there is music in the background the basic ambiance is conversation. At the long bar high tables, similar to those used inBarcelona, it is not unusual for unrelated groups to talk to each other and sometimes share a drink.

 Indeed, we decided to graze, that is instead of ordering large dishes, we would try almost all the appetizers, charcuterie and cheeses. While, the portions were not large, but they were interesting and the cooked appetizers were very nice.

 Besides one of the best selections of wines by the bottle inBrooklyn, there many wines to buy by the glass. We finished our meal with a plate of cheese and an oleoroso sherry, an almost perfect finish. In all the Costello Plan is more an experience, than a hearty meal.

 Two glasses of wine and sherry plus the appetizers, meats and cheeses cost $ 100


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