Undiscovered Talent

Papa Gino’s
2935 Newtown AvenueAstoria,NY


I had heard some internet inklings that somewhere in Queens there was this pizza shop that was in fact a special Italian restaurant in disguise. Being curious, we approached the looked like an ordinary slice place to discover something quite special.

 When given our typical three fold paper menu, we noticed risotto and osso buco on the menu. These are not your typical slice place items. We were then greeted by the owner and master chef, Dino Rednic and went with his suggestions.

 First up was fried calamari, usually calamari is rubbery and served with a non-descript canned tomato sauce on the side. This calamari was bathed in an obviously home made sauce with some red onion and done just so.

 The main courses were also very positive surprises. The osso buco was huge and the red sauce finished with rosemary, nice. It was served with a very nice penne bolognese. The shrimp francese had a bright lemon sauce. A stand out was the home made pappardelle with cream and several different types of mushrooms. Almost perfect, but few strands stuck to each other, perhaps there wasn’t enough flour sprinkled when the stands were cut, a minor error.

 Dessert was some very special gelatos. The fig gelato, yes I said fig, was delightful as was the strawberry and both had real fruit in them. The chocolate gelato was made with semi sweet or unsweetened dark chocolate, unusual but addictive.

 Papa Gino’s is undergoing a soft opening, there is a nicely appointed party room and there soon will be a separation of the pizza parlor and the restaurant, just like it is done inRome.

 Dinner for four is approximately $ 120 without wine & tip.

 For more see www.ditmasestates.com



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