Sosta, Sorry

145 Atlantic Avenue


 Sosta is a hip wood fired brick oven pizza place trying to taken seriously as a restaurant. Yes, they do have a large selection of personal size pizzas, but the selection is far from imaginative. The place is attractive with a large bar and an open kitchen and is populated by large numbers of 20-30 something’s almost all wearing denims.

 Perhaps it was the plate of cold Italian appetizers, $12, which really turned me off.  It turned out to be 9 slices of thinly cut meat available at any decent Italian deli with a few canned olives. For heavens sake, get a good variety of excellent olives at Sahadi’s a block away. 

 A Nutella calzone?!? It turns out to be Nutella in dry pizza dough. It reminds me of the fake Nutella crepes sold to tourists right outside the Louvre.

 At Ditmas Estates LLC, real estate, we believe that your neighborhood, its restaurants, stores and services is as important as the home you buy. 

 Sorry, but Sosta is not worth the $80 for two for dinner.



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