A Good Turkish Experience

Istanbul Fish & Kabob
1725 Emmons Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

718 368-3587

 A Good Turkish Experience

There seems to be a spate of Turkish restaurants that have turned up lately, unfortunately not all are up to the task. Istanbul is an older and better standard.

While the restaurant atmosphere is not as plush or a large as some, the food is better. Warning because the of the simple small area sometimes the noise level does get loud, but still low enough to talk across the table. While you have to trip your waiter, once you have his/her attention they are very good.

Turkish food has some lovely and unexpectedly good appetizers and I recommend the Cacik, fried liver cubes without that oppressive liver smell, or Tarama, an emulsification of salmon roe in olive oil, very nice spread on pieces of Turkish bread.

Turkish food excels on lamb and so does Istanbul. Lamb Kabobs are actually cooked to order and just right. But try there fish and if you are really adventurous the octopus casserole with onions, peppers & cheese. The casserole has none of the octopus smell and actually comes out very smooth almost like lasagna.

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Dinner for four with dessert but no wine is $ 170

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