Great Chinese Food In Framingham, Mass.



For a restaurant to be on the second floor, not in a major shopping mall, but still be busy says something in itself.


Sichuan Gourmet, above a well-stocked Asian supermarket is just that place. It has a well-earned 27 at Zagat and the prices for an Entrée are below $25 sometimes less than $ 10.


The menu is large, but the real highlights are the chef’s specials. Vegetables vary according to what’s in the market as does the entrees.


Everyone has had sweet and sour shrimps that where gloppy and too sweet. Sichuan Gourmet does in a Grand Mariner sauce that is just right. Simple dishes such as shredded duck on julienned water chestnuts are done just right. I do not know how they do it, but their oriental eggplant with garlic comes to the table steaming and the color of the eggplant skin looks dazzling.


The service is super-fast. Warning some of the dishes marked with four peppercorns should not be attempted without a fire extinguisher at the ready.


Dinner for three is approximately $ 80


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