Il Principe: An Oasis in an Urban Dessert

Il Principe is part of the Hotel Hugo and is located 525 Greenwich, which is less than two years old. The street is basically a UPS operation and as such has little or no pedestrian traffic.  Indeed, at night it is a little scary. In addition it is nearly impossible to approach by car from the south during NYC’s extended rush hour as you have to cross Holland tunnel traffic. There are outside tables, but unless you really love the rubble of large delivery trucks go inside. The lobby dining room is quite a different matter. There are marble floors, finished wood slats on the walls and lots of glass, very nice.

We started off with a Cesare Salad with barely roasted romaine lettuce and shave ptarmigan cheese, not traditional, but very nicely done. Then we had an enormous bowl of fried calamari done perfectly with a tasty, but again non-traditional dip, almost a Russian dressing.  My main courses were Osso Bocco on a creamy polenta. I am an eater, but I took home almost half the meal. We also had lamb chops done expertly.

Dinner for two with a drink and tip is about $ 200

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