Red Compass : A Very Bad Old Joke

Red Compass
154 Orchard Street
New York, NY
(212) 473-9100

A very old bad joke:

Patron: Waiter, taste my soup!

Waiter: What’s the problem; if it’s cold we will heat it up

Patron:  Waiter, taste my soup!!

Waiter: Is it too salty??

Patron: Taste my soup!!!

Waiter: O.k., Where’s the spoon?

Patron: Ah ha!!

Red Compass is so incompetent; we never really got serving sets. It took a half hour to get water. The dishes used in serving were cold. My lamb stew was cold. The chicken liver dish had everything but, chicken livers. After two and a half hours, we realized they could not calculate a bill for us.

Very sad, don’t bother

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