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Good Try, but No Medal

April 10, 2016

New Style Hand Pulled Noodles
23 Pell Street
New York, NY 10013

212 285 8668


Hand pulled noodles are the specialty of really fine Chinese restaurants. There is something about the texture and taste that cannot be duplicated. New Style does hand pull its noodles, but they stop pulling too soon and the noodles although good are the thickness of Spaghetti rather than that of angel hair.

We also had the crispy duck, which turned out to be fried duck thrown onto a bed of Napa.  C’mon guys try to plate it correctly.

I would recommend the lamb & noodle soup , the lamb permeated the soup without being greasy.  Stir fried pea shots are always my favorites, sweet and tender they did not disappoint.

The ambiance is more like a café than a restaurant . Dinner for two was about $ 50

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Will I be happy in my new house?

September 1, 2010

There is no guarantee that you will be happy in your new house or neighborhood. Indeed, although I have no psychological training, I know from first hand knowledge that happiness comes from within not from physical objects, money, houses etc…

 However there are things you can do to prevent any rude surprises. If the broker assures you that you will be happy, say goodbye to the broker, ASAP! Be forewarned, there is a high probability that after the sale, the broker will say the same to you, if you complain.

 Do your homework! You probably will hire an engineer and a lawyer to check out the structure and legality of the house, but did you take the time or effort to check out that a loud band does not practice, after hours, next door?

 A good idea is to talk to other people in the neighborhood. If you are not from the area, take the time to go to a neighbor meeting, a social event at a house of worship will do nicely.

 Also walk the neighborhood during the day and at night. Do you feel secure? Is there innocuous business during the day that maybe a problem at night?

 Try to buy the things you like from the neighborhood stores. Are they too expensive? Do they have the specialty goods available in your neighborhood?

 There are demographics on every neighborhood. Take the time to check them out. Are you moving into a community of retirees, with school age children? Do the schools work? Remember, while you may not send your kids to the local public schools, your tenants might. Are you a car collector in a neighborhood infamous for car thefts?

 Recently, I met a couple who where all excited about moving into a dense downtown area. They were both suburban people, who were used to going everywhere by car. The house they looked at was just right for them. They had acquaintances and co-religionists nearby. But it came as a shock, when they learned at the last minute there was no place to park their cars! (Has anyone heard of “No Park Slope”!)?

 Remember, happiness comes from within, but contentment in a house, like all important things requires hard work.

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A County House in the City

February 26, 2010

Be transported to the English Utopia Movement with this Classic American Foursquare complete with English Ivy on an old brick retaining wall.

This single family house is large but not overwehlming. Perfectly located, near Newkirk Plaza, on a cul de sac, with security cameras and easy parking

A wonderful front yard with porch and a large backyard to grow your vegetables


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917 912 8669

Another good meal on Cortelyou Road

June 1, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Taqueria

1202 Cortelyou Road

Brooklyn, NY 11218

718 693 – 1022



There are now several good restaurants on Cortelyou Road., but perhaps the most underrated is Cinco de Mayo.


This Taqueria appears as a simple working mans formica counter top dinner, but some one in the kitchen knows what they are doing. Perhaps, the true test of a great cook is that they can produce a variety of dishes at the same time and have all of them taste very good and very distinctive.


Mexican sauces are acknowledged to be among the most complex in the world. A mole sauce containing chocolate can have over thirty ingredients. Pepian is a green sauce made from the seeds of a Calabasa Squash, Green and Red Salsas can take all day to get right .Adobo sauces with a vinegar base can destroy a meal if not made right, but a Tingua with onions can bring even boiled till dead chicken back to life. I have many dishes at Cinco de Mayo and each sauce has been amazingly good, consistent and distinct.


Open seven days from 9:00 a.m. to 10:p.m. Don’t expect great service, but with great food comes prices that are almost embarrassingly cheap. Two main courses with a Guacamole appetizer and beers cost less than $ 40.00


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After five on Cortelyou Road

May 8, 2009

Spring has at long last come to Cortelyou Road and Ditmas Park. The first warm weekend day saw couples and family promenading down the stately street of Ditmas Park. The Daffodils were admired and critical comments made as to color combinations on the never ending variety of Victorian homes. A discreet photo of someone’s garden, a child admonished about walking on the grass and a smile, when a mention was made of the upcoming Arbor Day Ditmas Park Tree Tour 4/25 ( ).


Little did we know the real spring happening was going to occur that night? We had heard that a 773 Coney Island Avenue a formerly disreputable Irish bar (see a down and dirty bar cleans up its act… 4/22) was having a benefit for CAMBA ( featuring the Blue Law Jazz Group with guest appearance by Candice Hamilton.


Walking down Cortelyou, we were amazed. There was music, restaurants and people everywhere. The Old Cornerstone Bar now call SOLO had a wonderful jazz group. San Remo had an excellent guitar player and was filled to capacity (who knew? Brooklynian 4/19). The Farm at Adderley had people waiting outside on benches. The reopened Vox Pop had Jazz Group and a S.R.O. crowd. The people, who failed to make reservations, did find some consolation at the newly opened Mimi’s hummus ( the Sycamore (, which had a Bar B Que and at Visions (A vision of Cortelyou. Brooklynian, Brooklyn Eats 12/18).


After so many distractions, we almost didn’t make it to 773 Coney Island Avenue, a Bar Lounge. But it was worth the walk  Joel Siegel, our neighborhood association president, was the lead guitar and his Blue Law Group were in top form, their medleys and singles consistently brought standing ovations. When Candice Hamilton got up to sing we knew we were in the presence of Jazz royalty. Animated and great voice she was well worth the cover. Her last song literally caused dancing in the aisles.


As the midnight hour approached, us Cinderella Baby Boomers headed home only to meet by our children and our neighbors offspring coming to Cortelyou Road.

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