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Chain Restaurants Bad: Legal Seafood Good

April 10, 2016

Legal Seafoods

50 Worcester Rd

Framingham, MA

(508) 766-0600


It is my practice , confirmed by too many tasteless, cold meals I avoid chain restaurants. Legal Seafoods is the exception.


Every time,  I go there the food is hot tasty and a good value and most of all the fish is fresh.  LegalSeafoods is moderately priced the average entrée is about $ 27, but some of the items like lobster can get pricey.  If you are really interested in a filling, inexpensive meal. Try the fish chowder followed by the mussels and you will waddle out of the restaurant. The portions are huge so be prepared to share. While the ambiance is noisy in a huge metal ceiling warehouse like structure, you can still talk at a normal level. Service is accommodating , but a little slow.

The only real problem, I have with Legal Seafoods, is that they are not in New York

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