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Good Food, No Decafe

April 10, 2016

764 10 Avenue

(212) 586-0888

Crispins is loud, unadorned and has no privacy, but it does have very good food.

There is a row of nice wooden tables touching each other, cafeteria style and for some reason theis loud base thumping music with brick walls, that make conversation even across the table a chore.

The appetizers are immense and very tasty and the main courses are wonderful. The crab cakes are solid real crabmeat and the veal cheeks will literally melt in your mouth.

The deserts are o.k., but there is no de-caf expresso, de-cafe coffee or even de-cafe tea to be found.

Dinner is not cheap, with appetizer , dessert and wine can easily run almost $ 100/pp.

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